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1- Get to evaluate homes early: don't miss the good opportunities. Agents have access to PRE-MLS properties. We cross check info and review the area, past listings and tax records before they go live. Also, many homes receive offers prior to going live. You don't want to be the last one to find out.


2- Receive quality documentation & resources. Sellers' Disclosure, pre- inspections and key information before you even preview the homes. Access quality vendors: lenders that offer the best products for your needs, quality inspectors for the type of home, quotes for repairs, insurance, title and warranty.


3 - The most desirable homes sell fast: many listings will have multiple showings per day and accept an offer before they host an Open House or you have a chance to view it.


4 - Know the market value: learn what a home is worth before you make an offer. Evaluate what number you should write, below, or over asking. YOUR agent will get you the best value and qualified information..


5 - An offer is not just pricing: Terms often determine the strongest offers. Many terms are favorable to the seller at no cost to buyer. Some terms can be beneficial to a buyer with no cost to seller. A qualified agent can help you make an offer with appealing terms while minimizing your risk.


6 - Seller pays for your Agent. Unrepresented buyers do not translate to a lower purchase price. Sellers pay commissions to agents representing both parties, if you don’t have an agent the seller’s agent will collect both commissions without representing your interest. Any commission discounts are rarely passed onto the buyer, and unforeseen issues or terms in a transaction can significantly increase your costs.


7 - An agent knows the market: neighborhoods with similar criteria, upcoming developments, and great opportunities may be missed by a buyer. Often agents will propose areas or floor plans that are better than the buyer had in mind. Knowing where your dollar will stretch further, and appreciation will give you the most value over time.


8 - Not having someone in your corner can put you at a disadvantage with counter-offers, during inspections, negotiations after inspections, and getting the contract to closing. Tensions can rise high when not having representation YOU KNOW works only for you. Vetting red flags and recommending the right professionals along the way is one of the most valuable services.

Disclaimer: these points change with time and market conditions. Last update February 2023



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