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10 Reasons to list on the MLS

  1. MLS & REALTOR® EXPOSURE: An Agent will strategize what’s best for you.​ The more impactful you are in your market presence, the broader your market is and more competitive offers you'll attract. An Agent will get your home on multiple outlets and be ranked higher: Zillow, Realtor, MLS,, and multiple Local, Regional and National Real Estate sites.

  2. FIRST ENGAGEMENT IS DIGITAL: Professional photos and videos are developed with a curated vision. Engaging descriptions along with meaningful and accurate information is ensured. Signage, graphic design, and 3D layouts are also available for larger homes.​

  3. NEGOTIATION: An Agent will push for best terms/conditions and pricing for you. Accurate trends, clear information, and analytics are not visible on public websites.​

  4. QUALITY MARKETING: As industry professionals, we are educated in the current market which allows for optimal positioning and analysis, creating exponential exposure.​

  5. SHOWINGS: Professional software​ allows Sellers to reach a broader platform of Brokers, Agents, and qualified Buyers for maximum and more efficient scheduling.

  6. SOCIAL MEDIA: Reach thousands of MORE BUYERS through Agents, partners and corporate accounts.​ Measurable engagement.

  7. AVAILABILITY & ABILITY: We adapt to new market demands, negotiate offers and manage paperwork from start to finish.

  8. LEGAL FORMS & TITLE WORK: Properly done for you along with access to our in house legal help. We do proactive work, making transactions seamless. Closings may fall through when title work is not solved in a timely manner.

  9. INSPECTION: Inspections can be a deal breaker. We review and renegotiate fair terms for you. We’ll guide you on what is acceptable for your area as terms change with time.​

  10. ​ CLOSE THE DEAL: 27% of real estate transactions fall through from offer to closing. ​Supporting appraisals with current market conditions is key.

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