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How do I get the highest ROI when selling my home? Classic over trendy.

Updated: Jan 2

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked. Although, nothing will replace the in-person feedback of a qualified agent since each market, price-range, floor plan and home will be different. And, specific details to maximize your returns when selling will vary depending on the conditions of your home as well. These tips below will help stay focused when doing repairs, renovations or deciding on any change to your home.

Classic over trendy and good maintenance will win the race.

1 - Cohesive Looks: When picking your finishes, make sure all the rooms belong to the same home. You don't need to have everything the same, but if you put the tile from one bathroom in the kitchen, the colors, textures and quality should feel cohesive. Same with wood types, they don't need to be the same throughout, but they need to work together. A heavy grey toned wood floor with warm wood cabinet is not going to feel right, even if they're in different rooms. This is one of the key factors of staging...we simplify the home and bring cohesive layers so buyers can absorb what they see with ease.

2 - Light fixtures: this is one of the most impactful changes you can do on your home, for yourself, for function and for selling. There are so may great retailers nowadays, we always suggest to start with one or two fixtures you are ABSOLUTELY in love with and find others that go well with it. You can mix and match, homes actually feel more unique and special when you do, but always keeping the cohesive look in mind when you travel from room to room. It's one of the biggest wow factors we hear buyers commenting on, they won't choose a house based on light fixtures but it sets the mood right and who's not happy looking at pretty things?

Classic over trendy. Highest ROI when selling a home.The exterior, especially in flat-faced homes can be given dimension with a few elements.
Black and white exterior with wood accents

3- Curb Appeal: it's one of the most important musts when selling a home. And in all honestly, who doesn't love it when neighbors comment on how pretty your house looks? It's a service to the community and to yourself to have a welcoming face. This home in particular went from simple and cute to a timeless and welcoming face on the block. We had the front and garage doors painted in a contrasting tone, matching the shutters, added light fixtures, a flag, larger house numbers, chairs and accent plants. The short wooden wall was built to frame the stoop and provide a safer porch you can actually enjoy, extending and framing the entrance. It gave a flat faced home more dimension in a very classic color scheme.

4 - Paint: Work your color palette altogether to create a pleasing atmosphere where people see the home and the rooms. Two easy ways 1) paint walls the same simple color with warm undertones and accessorize with your furnishing and art. 2) Pick a palette: consider how the whole house will come together. This example above brings pinks, sage green, oranges, with black accents and loads of wood. It will give you that feel-good while creating a more timeless space, it will please you and visitors for years to come.

Classic over trendy. Highest ROI when selling a home.Well maintained home with key elements with years left of life will sell better and give buyers more confidence.
Updated roof and mechanicals sell better

5 - Good maintenance will set you free: Keeping your home well maintained pays dividends when selling. Knowing that the home is move-in ready from the maintenance aspect continuously drive more buyers to the door. Have a small leak? Forgot to get your HVAC serviced? Small foundation cracks not filled? GFCI's that are not working, missing switch covers, minor electrical problems, and loose faucets scare buyers away because they imagine a world of "unseen" problems. Make sure your main components are in good working conditions, all doors properly closing and locking, and try to fix as many gaps, holes, dents and small repairs as you can.

A home that is regularly checked will give you less headaches and definitely less chances of a stressful transaction when you go to sell. Nobody likes inspection surprises and everyone loves to move into a full functioning, well cared home.

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