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The Secret To Our City

The year 2020 brought many changes to our lives, but Kansas City was already on the way to be one of the preferred Metro areas in the Country. There are many factors that make this city so particular and bring great quality of life to its residents. We thought we'd bring up a few noteworthy reasons to LOVE KC!

Unique neighborhoods: from the first suburbs of KC we get to enjoy the glorious Pendleton Heights, with incredible Victorian, American Craftsman, Italianate, Beaux Arts, and Grand Queen Anne built in the late19th Century, to The Plaza with its Seville inspired design (our first "mall" dating back to 1923!) to the Rivermarket with the restored lofts, fun bars, restaurants and the Streetcar, to the Crossroads with the art-revival focus, Downtown, Westport, hidden gems like Westside North, the West Bottoms and the East Bottoms, traditional Brookside and we have not even named a quarter of our favorites' list. Kansas City offers all styles of neighborhoods a person can wish for. You'll never get bored driving around KC!

Parks & trails: Kansas City has endless choices for large parks, city parks, dog parks, public tennis courts, paved bike and walking trails. In every neighborhood, you'll find an accessible green space to enjoy.

Food & Entertainment: Kansas City has come a long way in this sector, especially in the past 10 years. Multiple Food & Beverage centers have developed, each with endless options of unique, traditional and international cuisines. We are not the experts in this area but we love this Kansas City Mag 40 Best Restaurants

Schools: ranked at the top Nationally, KC Metro has several of the top ranked school districts. We also have great private schools and great choices for higher education, with well over 20 highly accredited institutions to choose from. No wonder so many people stay in KC, everything is right here!

Music: KC hosts world-class music venues including the T-Mobile Center, and Starlight Theater (outdoors), to smaller historic venues like The Midland and the Blue Room. KC has great Jazz history and influence, and is home to the American Jazz Museum.

Architecture: KC offers a wide array of renowned historical and modern architecture, from Union Station and the National WWI museum to a Frank Lloyd Wright church, and iconic Industrial buildings like the Western Auto. You'll also find the superb mix of old and new architecture, with ground-breaking use of materials like the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the gorgeous turn-of-the-century mansions on Ward Parkway and Kansas City is home to the world-class Zahner who collaborated in the most iconic modern architecure buildings accross the U.S.

Palazola House, a pristine Queen Anne | The Colonnade on the Tweed Ride | The Tiffany Castle

Boulevards & Highways! KC has more boulevards than any city in the world except Paris, earning it the nickname “Paris of the Plains”. KC has one of the highest mile per capita highways, and it's said we have more fountains than any other city in the world besides Rome. That's why KC is also called the 'City of Fountains.

Great job market: Unemployment in the Kansas City MSA is down to just 4.5% as of Oct. 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that some of the employment sectors in Kansas City. Kansas City is a major transportation hub and is also home to high-growth tech sectors like IT and finance. Some of the major companies are Cerner, Garmin, H&R Block, YRC (largest freight company in the world), and we have large Goverment employers like the IRS (also a great example of a fusion of traditional and modern architecture).

In essence, when you add up all the outstanding attributes KC has, you realize it's not just a great city, it also offers an exceptional quality of life. And we are lucky to call Kansas City our home.

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